Fondo Paisano

We are an organization focused on helping small entrepreneurs achieve their goals with financing and consulting, with the goal of improving the quality of life in latin american communities in the USA and within their countries. We are self sustainable and promote economic and social growth of our each of everyone of our partners.

Let's make a team!


Fondo Paisano started as an initiative for helping communities on latin american countries and those living in the United States.

Supported by the Regional Clubs in Mexico and Cooperativas in Guatemala, for instance, we can help small entrepreneurs, innovators and small merchants that otherwise could not obtain financing by traditional means. And to our investors this task represent a very effective method to reach the goal of these communities to advance productively. This financial help is invaluable to startup industries, individuals and small companies that bear ideas which could become the next commercial success.

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Maria Choc Santiago

Condiment Producer

There seem to be no barrier that stops Maria. With a small investment, she started a small condiment factory ideal for Guatemalan dishes and expanding to other regions. We expect to be the next Chef preferred seasoning. The investor that had the luck of selecting her, saw the product potential and the poise that Maria has to make this dream a solid reality.

Selectors with Classes and IDs

José Pérez

Rural Teacher

The "Liceo de Computaciòn" for small rural children is now a reality thanks to Jose's initiative and to the financing provided by Fondo Paisano investors. In the rural villages of El Naranjo Costa Cuca, Guatemala, they needed something to cover the learning needs in this modern world to give the local children all the knowledge and skills they need to learn to survive the current technology oriented world, and become the next engineers or doctors. Congratulations José! Well done!

Reuse Existing Components
Reuse Existing Components

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Small details make the difference.

When you present your project, we will be able to assist you to make it work, because financing only is not enough, in our opinion. Management can make or break! Our red of professional advisors will be with you on every step of the way, and with our support your project will be a success.

Finance your ideas

In addition of the regional clubs, our local and dedicated investors contribute individually to specific projects, and when presenting your project we will be in touch with with an ideal investor to provide the financial fuel that will make your rocket lift off and reach its destiny.

Invest on our entrepreneurs

As an investor you can help entrepreneurs and small business, as well as indiidual that have great ideas but lack the financial means to make them a reality. Please contact us so we can present you the methods and possibilities. You will be making a difference!

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Start with a plan

Any project starts with a simple idea. Planning makes it tick. We assist you witn consulting and advise to make your idea materialize and reaches the goal.

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Select the elements

From raw ingredients to equipment. From the human team and marketing strategy. All elements are essential to produce, sell, and make a success from the product you have in mind.

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Branding and marketing strategy makes teh difference. That encompasses all the techniques that will make your potential customers have you in mind and all times and crave your products. Lets design your brand together, create a website and promote your product so you can sell online or in traditional ways.

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When all above is correctly done, results will speak for themselves and you have a successful project. But reaching your objective is just the first step in a recurring cycle where you have to start all over and improve upon the first goals. There is nothing like the satisfaction of success!

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Fondo Paisano is a initiative. Please visit the contact page that will send us and email. Either if you want to invest or you need financing, we will contact you immediately. Go to notedejes contact form